Harmony - Unity - Balance

Here at ThaMessenger.com, the aim for our BOS tribe is achieving a state within one's life that reflects the internal experiences of Harmony, Unity and Balance. By connecting to this H.U.B. one is thoroughly equipped to navigate the, often, overwhelming waves of existence in the outer world.


We are all branches on an infinite tree stretching and reaching out towards our seemingly separate destinies. But, being branches means that we are a part of a grander root system that we often overlook. When we seek to return to Harmony, Unity and Balance we are able to access fundamental information and techniques to steer our lives to greater purpose. The many waves of life actually water our destiny and cause it to bloom.


Are the waters pure and true or poisoned with fear and doubt? We encourage our listeners and visitors to join in, get connected to the H.U.B. so we can learn to make our lives bloom in all areas i.e. family, culture, purpose, business, etc. It starts with you. You can shoot the messenger but Don't Shoot The Message. See you soon BOS.

Our Beliefs

We believe the only true way to achieve any level of growth and progression in this life is to first take a deep dive into our very own being, putting our pieces together, becoming comfortable with and mastering our many gifts, talents and shortcomings.


This takes inner work. The inner work can be likened to first getting one's hands dirty digging up the land (our inner world), clearing it of weeds, rocks and anything else detrimental to growth (traumas, pains, negative subconscious habit patterns, limiting perspectives) to finally be able to plant seeds of destiny (our hopes, dreams and an existence with our highest and best good attained) but being sure to protect the fragile seeds from pests (misinformation, fear-mongering and those that seek to limit growth). This process is the H.U.B one connects to, the source of all things meant for us. Harmony, Unity and Balance is the way. We invite you in. See you soon BOS.

Our Messenger

Gabriel is a certified BOS Reiki practitioner, author, entrepreneur and seeker, like many of us. Consistent inner work and active meditation have led Gabriel to the realization that all is connected and the best way to impact, change and succeed within the external environments we face is to impact and change the internal environments. On the "Don't Shoot Tha Message" podcast, Gabriel explores, with listeners, the subtle world as it relates to the world of form. We discuss politics, philosophy, family, culture, society, relationships and a whole lot more as part of a unified existence rather than each subject in a vacuum. Gabriel also teaches unique meditation sequences he's curated from his extensive experimentation via his latest book "The Four Elements of Healing & Self-Care."

See you soon BOS!

Gabriel Kemp

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