Come and enjoy the bliss of a BOS Reiki session with Gabriel. Reiki is a timeless healing modality that can assist clients in achieving greater wellbeing and overall health. Whether you may be experiencing mild pains in the body or pains in the mind or emotional bodies, BOS Reiki will be a useful tool.


BOS Reiki Session (1 Hour)

  • To book, click the "Book Now" button. Client is able to confirm an available time-slot and make payment to solidify session. Payment can be made via Paypal which also has an option for you to input your debit or credit card information. 


    If you are late to the virtual session room by more than 30 minutes, this will be counted as a cancellation. If this occurs, please refer to the cancellation policy.


    Please make sure to wear comfortable clothes and remove all jewelry from the wrists, neck and/or feet. BOS Reiki sessions are 1 hour and consist of breath-work, dynamic visualization techniques, acupressure with tuning forks and reiki. Client is encouraged to eat light and a bit healthier in the days leading up to the session as well as keeping a good amount of water intake as a focus both prior to and after the session.


    For virtual sessions:

    All of the above stipulations still apply. In addition, for your virtual session, please find a comfortable place with as minimal noise as possible where you can lie down (ideally) or sit comfortably if it is not possible to lie down. The ability to play music that Gabriel can send you (or that you can look up via sites/apps like youtube or Spotify) would be helpful but not required. Please make sure you have a secure internet connection and the ability to use a virtual meet-up app (i.e. zoom, etc). Although virtual, the effects of a BOS Reiki session are the same as in person.  To book, click the "Book Now" button.



    See you soon BOS!