Heal Your Four Elements With Dynamic Breath Work And Unique Meditation Sequences

The Four Elements of Healing & Self-Care is the book you need to help you: reduce stress & anxiety, heal from childhood trauma, begin/complete your inner shadow work and achieve greater success & well-being. Utilizing uniquely curated step-by-step meditation and breath-work sequences, you can achieve somatic experiences that help facilitate the transformation and growth you are seeking.

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Great For Beginners And Advanced Meditators

Learn creative breath-work techniques coupled with powerful visualizations and silent affirmations. Transform your approach to meditation and healing to create better quality of life.

Learn The Wholistic Approach To Healing

Gain a new perspective in healing your body (Earth Element), mind (Air Element), emotions (Water Element) and drive (Fire Element). Learn daily practices that ensure you have a complete and comprehensive self-care routine.

Reap The Benefits Of A Calm And Centered Inner State

Meditation has a direct connection to the parasympathetic nervous system which can reduce stress & anxiety. With a clearer mind you make better decisions, become less reactive + more proactive and realize the power to change your reality lies within you.

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Learn The Bos Fhenix Fire Breath™ (BFFB) Meditation For: Transformation, New Beginnings And Cleansing.

One of the featured meditations in The Four Elements of Healing & Self-Care, this 5-part sequence consists of timed breath control patterns, dynamic visualizations, silent affirmations and tailored hand locks (Fhenix Flames™) in a step-by-step format to bring the mind, body and spirit into alignment. With regular practice, the BFFB and other featured meditations can be the catalyst you need to make necessary changes in your life and experience the bliss you envision for yourself.

The (BFFB) Fhenix Flames™ are:

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BOS Spark™ or (Red Rooster)

This opener builds clear attention on a singular start, the spark that jumpstarts you on your transformational journey. If nurtured consistency, the BOS Spark™ grows in the mind and becomes a laser-pointed focus.

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BOS Kindling™

This flame channels the focus curated from the BOS Spark™ into useful energy, which can power the emotions and inspire the gradual building of your personal confidence. With this confidence you will be able to properly discern which emotional states you would need to feed and which ones need to be transformed into more beneficial use.

BOS Smolder™

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The next flame in this sequence takes the increased heat generated by the emotions and slowly burns away states that are not aligned with your core value. The smoldering flame is a fireless burn, which is why this particular component integrates the practice of controlling the breath via timed holds. This act refines the senses during the meditation and encourages further disciplining of your internal fire.

BOS Stoke™

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The BOS Stoke™ flame takes the discipline gathered from the BOS Smolder™ and adds major amounts of fuel in order to increase the passionate focus on transforming and new beginnings. During this portion of the sequence, increasing the breath frequency as well as feeling the increased heat via the BOS Stoke™ hand lock helps to build the inspiration to change. Coupled with dynamic visualization, this component of the (BFFB) is sure to empower whichever vision you choose to hold internally.

BOS Blue Fhenix™

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The BOS Blue Fhenix™ is your final transformation. Freed from the limitations of self-doubt, fear and anxiety, this meditation component assists you in emerging as the BOS Blue Fhenix™. This ending sequence brings together all former flames into a pattern of release and ascension. The last visualization, breath sequence, hand-lock and affirmation caries your fire energy upward; hands raised overhead, suspended like the majestic wings of the BOS Blue Fhenix™ in flight, you are reborn.

About the Author

Gabriel is a certified BOS Reiki practitioner, author and entrepreneur. Consistent inner work and active meditation have led Gabriel to the realization that the best way to impact, change and succeed within the external environments we face is to impact and change the internal environments we occupy.


On the "Don't Shoot Tha Message" podcast, Gabriel explores, with listeners, the subtle world as it relates to the world of form. We discuss politics, philosophy, family, culture, society, relationships and a whole lot more as part of a unified existence rather than each subject in a vacuum. Gabriel also teaches unique meditation sequences he's curated from his extensive experimentation via his latest book "The Four Elements of Healing & Self-Care."

"The mind, body, and spirit (breath) are focal points of the reality we live in. So, naturally, meditation becomes one of the best ways to interface with our fears, traumas, habits, goals, dreams and desires."

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