The Four Elements of Healing & Self-Care (book)


The Four Elements of Healing and Self-Care is a book dedicated to displaying the elemental nature of inner work and personal energy management. Pain and trauma are key components that must be addressed in order to truly bring your elements into the Harmony, Unity and Balance (H.U.B.) that they thrive in.


This book elegantly illustrates for the reader how the four elements that make up this world are also inside of us. The constructing, moving and breaking down of the Fire, Earth, Air and Water elements have direct correlation to our passions, behaviors, thoughts and emotions.


Take a journey within to discover how to truly become one with your elements. Accompanying these wise words are several dynamic BOS meditations that will equip you with some simple tools that will assist on the journey of healing and caring for your inner elements.

Hardcopy (paperback)

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